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Reeves Construction Company has developed Business Principles which provide guidelines and expectations for all employees in all business units. Our overall success is based on our business conduct, which requires the highest level of integrity when dealing with our customers, suppliers, local communities, and employees.


Our business conduct will include the highest level of honesty, ethics, and moral correctness. We will not compromise employees, customers, or our company.


Our Business Principles

  1. People are our greatest resource. Be proud of your work and accountable for your actions and attitude.
  2. Be honest, fair and trustworthy in all of your daily activities and business relationships.
  3. Do not engage in any activity that could call into question the Company’s honesty, impartiality or reputation.
  4. Do not engage in any conduct that creates a conflict of interest or even an impression of a conflict of interest for you or the Company.
  5. Foster an environment in which all employees are treated fairly and with dignity and respect.
  6. Conduct business fairly, impartially, in an ethical manner and in complete compliance with all applicable laws.
  7. Promptly report any improper, illegal or unethical conduct to management or through other appropriate channels set forth by the Company.
  8. When striving for excellence, recognize that what we do and how we do it is just as important as the results obtained.
  9. Maintain the highest level of integrity when dealing with our customers, suppliers, competitors, local communities and employees.
  10. Conduct all operations in a safe manner that minimizes risk of injury to employees and the traveling public and minimizes the overall impact on the environment.

Our Ethics

Reeves Construction Company employees are committed to “doing the right thing in the right way.”

Each day we strive to make this part of our culture and to ensure that this approach takes precedence over short-term profits or simple convenience. To achieve this end, we avoid any actions or activities that could call into question our reputation, integrity or impartiality. For example, in every relationship with third parties, clients and suppliers, the men and women of Reeves Construction Company keep their word and fulfill their agreements. Likewise, we are committed to delivering our products and services on time, within budget and according to our customers’ requirements and specifications. 

To further our commitment to ethics, we are a member of the Construction Industry Ethics & Compliance Initiative (CIECI). This organization brings together, in a non-profit, private association, companies across the U.S. in the construction industry that are committed to the highest level of ethics, conduct, and compliance with the law. This association benefits us by providing numerous training opportunities for our employees.

Community Relations

For quite some time, Reeves Construction Company has been observing a strategy of vertical integration whereby we increasingly manufacture much of our construction materials. Recognizing the importance of being a good neighbor and the issues inherent in the operations at our production sites, we are making major efforts to keep our facilities as environmentally-friendly as possible and to develop an ongoing dialogue with local residents.

Reeves Construction Company believes that dialogue is essential to understanding the needs of local communities, explaining exactly what we do and constructively working toward mutual understanding and satisfaction to prevent crisis situations.

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