A type of granite that is an essential building component can be found in Cherokee County, near Blacksburg, South Carolina. Since 2011, Reeves has mined this granite at their Blacksburg Quarry for use in construction projects throughout South Carolina and North Carolina.

Reeves’s Blacksburg Quarry is estimated to produce about one million tons a year of construction grade-aggregate that is North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia Department of Transportation-certified. The material being mined at our Blacksburg Quarry has a Los Angeles (LA) abrasion test in the low 30’s, signifying a long term durability and soundness of this material that meets or exceeds the needs of our customers.

The Blacksburg Quarry has a footprint within a 314-acre tract and is strategically located along I-85, southwest of the SC-198 interchange.

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Emily Holbert

At the core of Reeves’s operations for the Blacksburg Quarry are several initiatives for protecting natural resources and wildlife. From extensive geologic testing, we know that we have sufficient reserves that will enable us to be an operating facility for decades to come. We are proud to support our local economy as a supplier and employer. As a facility, we are open for public and commercial sales in addition to our being an internal aid.



SCDOT 1 ½” Crushed Stone Base (Crusher Run)  

1 ½” and smaller

NCDOT ABC (Crusher Run)

1 ½” and smaller

1 ½” Commercial Base (Crusher Run)

1 ½” and smaller

2 ½” Commercial Base (Crusher Run)

2 ½” and smaller  

Manufactured Sand

#4 and smaller – Washed 


#4 and smaller – Unwashed


⅜” and smaller – Washed


¾” and smaller – Washed


9⁄16” and smaller – Washed


¾” Washed Stone – Washed


1 ¼” and smaller – Washed 


1 ¾” – Washed


1 ½” by 2 ½”

Class A Rip Rap

2” – 6” Range

Class B Rip Rap

5” – 12” Range